Half round kitchen table : Folding mahjong table

Half Round Kitchen Table

half round kitchen table

    half round
  • Semicircular in cross section

  • (Half Rounds) Looks like a half circle and is used primarily as decorative trim.  Can be used to put a rounded edge on shelving, a trim piece for wall paper, or to add a decorative pattern to a flat panel.

  • A method of cutting veneers on an off-center lathe that results in modified characteristics of both rotary and plain sliced veneers.

  • (Half Rounds) May be used as a screen moulding or bead shelf edge or panel moulding.

Fields (in my memory and mind)

Fields (in my memory and mind)

there was a time i remember
in the fields in my memory
remembering when i was a little farm boy 'round 1959 or '60.
it was just me
watching "today" with dave garroway
and captain kangaroo featuring tom terrific cartoons
and bill cullen joking around
and playing with his wind-up toys on "the price is right"
and ruth lyons on the 50-50 club
and my mom meanwhile is in the kitchen
making her cookies and cakes
and later watching "her shows"
in the noontime hour.

(she never cared for ruth lyons anyway.)

i would then play by myself outside at the barnyard
until my sisters got off the school bus
and dad came home from work.
we would talk at the dinner table
about how our day went while we ate
after mom said grace.

mom and dad milked the cows
my sisters and i gave sandy the collie
a bubble bath in a galvanized washtub
then jumping out and shaking herself dry
and i laughed and giggled as i got wet
making me think our dog was doing the hula
while hawaiian war chant by tommy dorsey
(or spike jones or somebody)
played constantly
on the record player in my mind.

we had no money to go to disneyland
except for patronizing a run-down amusement park
up at indian lake that has seen better days.
still we made the best of it with what we had.
we had the blue skies,sunshine
and the breeze and the shade trees on hot humid days
in the backyard of our house
watchin' the red sunset at 9pm
and me and my sisters
catching and collecting lightning bugs in mason jars
on those nights we didn't go to the drive-in.

sometimes dad would take us mushroom hunting
in the woods across the road on a sunday afternoon
as mom hated football
and preferred old 1940s movies
frequently over-inundated and over-interrupted
by home improvement and live remote car dealer ads
on the old airline black and white set instead.

we found no mushrooms
which i thought was boring at first
not realizing at the time
that God was enveloping us in His love
and the peaceful solitude of birds in the trees singing
and the sound of leaves crunching underfoot.
within the reverberated outdoor cathedral of the woods.

i'm fifty-four now
i live in town now
and my better half is not a happy camper again
saying that she did not hear me and my oldest son
trying to wake her up to go to work
as she once again makes me feel "this small"
in her profanity-laced brand of sister joseph-ellen type verbal abuse and sarcasm.

she and my other son head off to work
i sit on the front porch with RM 88.7 FM on
as the neighbors across the street
with their toddlers clad only in their diapers playin' on the sidewalk
and their usual reckneck way of fussin,arguin' and carryin' on.

(and my significant other thinks I'M a"hilljack" for craps sake!)

its been a hot day at work
too hot and tired to cook
(couldn't find the duo-tang full of recipes anyway)
a quick trip to the wal-mart subway only serves to fuel her hissy-fit at me.

i'm on the front porch
as the RM folks pray the on-air rosary
before 7;30
i pray:
"Jesus and Mary...please take me home...
..spare me fron the dreaded time of trial..."

as i head off to the fields of my mind
where there is still some sort of peace and serenity.

jml 7/22/08

Behind the main building at Enggården is this amazing fountain / patio / diorama they call the "Couch of Life".

Behind the main building at Enggården is this amazing fountain / patio / diorama they call the "Couch of Life".

The Couch of Life
The source to understand a little bit of life!
This work of art should be read from right to left.

The first step -
Looks like a question mark. It consists of dishes and a basin and are symbols of the different stages and developmental steps of life. The steps are not equal, because they should be unique in their own simplicity and expression. The steps are thus an image of the originality and peculiarity of life. - The fountain is also a symbol of the Fountain model.

The first arch at the right -
The half round yellow form shows itself like a sunrise - a birth - motion of life in life - a repetition - the wheel of life.

The second arch -
Represents living space or heart space. That is the important breathing space, meditation or stillness.

The pointed arches and the triangle -
symbolizes the Holy Spirit, which spans all stages of life.
A big stone at the point of the largest triangle is an expression of relating to common sense. It gives grounding to life. The table is intended for an outdoor kitchen.

The third arch -
consists of unharmonic growths, ,that shows that life is full of possibilities and choices - but the choices are not always beneficial.

The fourth arch (The harmony of the All) -
Is without decor and formed completely round. The arches show the perfect calm, retiredness of anonymity, simplicity and rest.

The happy face -
Shows the joyful throughout life. All the good in our existence, that overshadows all badness.

The twisted chimney -
shows something about the obstacles in life, that can be necessary for us to go through and thereby get a richer life.
The 12 steps corresonds to the 12 disciples.

The big stone -
shall draw your thoughts to the timelessness in eternity - with his limitations.

The last part of the Couch of Life -
Forms half a question mark, which refers to the questions and riddles of this one life, we solve and gain insight.

The Couch of Life has got a floor. It is granite from Bornholm. A path has been made from the Couch of Life to the existing building. I have had help from Peter, Jorgen and Martin. the Couch of Live has gained a new expression.

The floor is a symbol on the foundation in life, being the rooting in the real reality - the steady core.
From emptiness, nothingness and the barren land the path we have created is a picture of the broken isolation and the connection back to life. The whole is a combination of maintaining, unchangeability, the sincerity and recognition of oneself in faith, hope and love.

Per Jespersen

half round kitchen table

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