Plastic folding chairs and tables - Antique writing table - Sofa table lamp.

Plastic Folding Chairs And Tables

plastic folding chairs and tables

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I live with this seven year mystery that has held my curiosity for most of my retirement. This is not a good picture, I know but it serves its purpose. The first week in July, 2003, this butterfly shows up in my backyard, spends the day sunning himself on a plastic folding chair, my grill, and my picnic table. If I go outside he doesn't fly away. He even lands on my shoulder as if to say, "Hi, hope you don't mind, I may be here a few days!"

The next day, he's back... and the next... and the next... and the next... all day long. I know it's the same exact butterfly because I photograph him each day for several days. The species markings are the same and the damage pattern on the right hind-wing is identical.

On about the sixth day, another butterfly, same species shows up. They do this mid-air happy dance together lasting several hours and then disappear, never to return that summer. I had never observed this behavior before. When did they ever make arrangements to meet in my backyard? How did he know she would eventually show up? Would I have dozens of such butterfly rendezvous next summer?

Folding Chair

Folding Chair

I thought this folding chair was pretty nice looking for a folding chair. I can always use more seating, especially seating I can store away. I really didn't need the umbrella since I never use umbrellas and they are pretty useless in Southern California. I really liked how colorful it was though. It is marked "mespo new york."

plastic folding chairs and tables

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